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Some Causes of New York Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Suspension

There is a higher standard for suspension of a CDL. Fewer convictions over less time is require to lose a CDL as oppose to regular license. Learn more about CDL suspension.

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What is the Second Page that the Officer Gave me with My Ticket?

It is a supporting deposition, which is a statement, prepared by the police officer issuing you the ticket, which sets forth facts that support the reasonable cause (the legality) of the stop.

Summary of Court Fines for NY Speeding Convictions

This a summary of the fines you will incur for various speeding convictions in New York.

§ 1110 Obedience to and required traffic-control devices

A charge for "failure to obey a traffic control device", as it is usually called, is under VTL §1110a. Sometimes given to CDL drivers for missing a weigh station, to regular drivers as a roadside reduction, but most often as a negotiated settlement. A conviction carries 2-points and a maximum fine of $150 + surcharge.

Virginia Drivers: Impact of New York Traffic Convictions

Virginia will assign demerit points for their driver's who are convicted in New York. Don't plead guilty by mail.

Points for Speeding Tickets and Other Traffic Infractions in New York

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) keeps track of NY driving records with a point system. Many traffic violations and all speeding ticket convictions have points associated with them. Points mean fees, revocation, suspension, and can cause increases in your insurance premiums

What are Traffic Infractions as Opposed to Misdemeanors?

Traffic infractions are not crimes and may usually be handled by mail. A traffic misdemeanor is a crime and requires a court appearance and a lawyer.

I'm suspended, can I get a restricted use license?

Restricted Use License in New York allow a suspended driver to go work, school, and the doctor. But is only applies to certain drivers. Learn more. Doctor

Plea Bargaining and Fines for Common Reductions

The overwhelming majority of traffic tickets, that drivers do not plead guilty to, are resolved through plea bargaining. Plea bargaining occurs with the prosecutor whereby the prosecutor makes an offer to the driver to plead guilty to a reduced charge.

Fines for §1180(c) - Speeding in a School Zone

Speeding in a school zone can be a sensitive issue for prosecutors and judges. Read this post to learn the fines and consequences of the school zone speeding ticket.

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