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The Speeding Charge That Does Not Depend on MPH

by Seth Azria on 5/09/2019

Receiving a speeding ticket that does not reference a particular speed, while confusing to many, is possible in New York. The basis for this ticket is New York vehicle and traffic law section 1180(a).

VTL §1180(a) states in relevant part:

“No person may drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions and having regard to the actual and potential hazards then existing”

There is no requirement that the officer allege a particular speed only that the speed was not “reasonable or prudent under the conditions...then existing.”  One possible scenario is while driving in bad weather, a vehicle slips off the road. The police arrive at the scene and issue the driver a speeding ticket, even though the driver may have been traveling below the posted speed limit. See People v. Miller, 57 AD3d 568 (2nd Dept. 2008). 

Another scenario could be a road crowded by people and narrowed by parked cars is another set of circumstances where a speed lower than the posted limit may be charged as speeding not reasonable and prudent. See St. Andrews v. O’Brien, 45 AD3d 1024 (3rd Dept 2008).

Like all other traffic tickets, we strongly recommend against mailing in a guilty plea to the court. The impact of this and other tickets on your finances and ability to drive can often be reduced by pleading not guilty and negotiating with the prosecutor.  We have negotiated thousands of tickets and welcome your call for a free consultation with one of our lawyers.

See  Fines and Points for §1180(a)






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Seth Azria helped me and he can help you!

Seth provided me with everything necessary to reduce my ticket and worked with me through every little detail. He kept me up to date on each exchange that happened between the court and my case. He reduced it to it's lowest amount and charged me very little for doing so and appearing in court on my behalf. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the area. Thanks again Seth.

Philip posted to Avvo
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I got a speeding ticket in the wonderful state of NY.(I live in Texas) I called Seth Azria and he was the best attroney I have ever dealt with just a great guy. He got my ticket reduced to a parking ticket with no points and his fee was very affordable. I will def use him again for any other instance I may need.I travel to Ny from time to time. I def recommend him worth every Penny.
Thanks Seth!

Myers Security Systems, LLC posted to Google+
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After thinking this was a lost cause, my insurance could've gone up and my license been revoked for a speeding ticket and unlicensed operator ticket. Mr. Ralph Habib was able to successfully reduce both charges. Anyone wondering if you should fight a ticket, do so! You have a higher possibility of reducing the charge and pay less by being represented than just paying the tickets and seeing your insurance go up! Highly recommend Mr. Ralph Habib.

Very Professional and Trustworthy!

I contacted Azria Law Office after receiving a speed ticket (+24 mph). Pleading guilty would automatically assign me 6 points + fines to the court, and fines to DMV for 3 years. In addition, my insurance premium would increase. Azria Law Office handled my case in a very professional manner. The charges for the law office is also reasonable. Afterwards my case was converted to no point and a fine below $150. I am much relieved now!

A client posted to Avvo
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I was issued a speeding ticket in an area that I was unfamiliar with. We researched the law firms to help with reducing the charge of my ticket, since I had never received a speeding ticket before. The professionals at Azria and Bruffett were efficient, organized, and provided me with a comprehensive plan as to how they would handle my case. I was thrilled with the outcome - they were able to plea my case to a much more reasonable fine.

I can't thank them enough!