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Fines for §1180(a) - Speed Not Reasonable or Prudent

by Seth Azria on 2/04/2019

Speeding Without Exceeding the Limits

This charge is sometimes given in connection with an accident. For example, when a car slides off the road and hits a guardrail. Even though the police may not have witnessed the event, the charge applies because the officer may conclude that the driver was not driving at prudent speed at that time. Even if the speed limit is 65 mph, and a person is driving 45 mph, if the road conditions are poor, they still could be charged under this section of the law. This speeding ticket does not involve a definite speed.

Fines and Possible Jail

  1. $45 - $150 - First offense in18 months. Up to 15 days in jail. 
  2. $90 - $300 - Second offense in 18 months. Up to 30 days in jail. 
  3. $45 - $525 - Second offense in 18 months. Up to 30 days in jail. 

Mandatory Surcharge

  • $93 for town and village courts
  • $88 for other courts, e.g. city courts

Points for Imprudent Speed

  • 3 points

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Ralph Habib has helped with several traffic tickets and has done an excellent job getting the charges reduced. He and his office are great with communication, keeping me updated throughout the process as well.

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Seth Azria was recommended to me by a friend. I can't say enough about how well I was treated, his responsiveness, and how my case was handled. My first call to him was on 12/22/14 and we met the same day. My first and last date in court was 1/15/15. The outcome was better than I ever expected it could be and would recommend him to anyone.

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I worked with Mr. Azria for a speeding tickets that we got close to the Canadian border while in NY state (+25 miles vs speed limit). 
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I highly recommend him and his firm for any speeding/ traffic tickets. 
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I have retained Mr. Azria on several occasions for traffic violations and each one turned out in my favor 100%. This is the lawyer to hire when involved in any traffic incidents. I have recommended him to many friends and all have had great results. You people have to try this law firm out, you won't be disappointed. Mr. Azria is the true "heavy hitter" here in Syracuse. Thank you so much Mr. Azria, you saved my commercial license from any points, and your fee was more than reasonable.

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I was very satisfied having them represent me on a speeding ticket. They kept me posted through out the process and made me at ease from the start as it would have been very difficult for me being out of state for this speeding ticket. Very Professional and I highly recommend them.