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More Speeding Charges Not Controlled by Posted Limit

by Seth Azria on 5/12/2019

As discussed in a previous post about New York Vehicle and Traffic Law (“VTL”) §1180(a), in addition to obeying the posted speed limits, drivers must also drive at speeds reasonable and prudent under the circumstances on the road at the time.

While VTL 1180(a) announces the general rule, VTL 1180(e) defines specific circumstances that require an appropriate speed:

  • when approaching and crossing an intersection or  railway grade crossing,
  • when  approaching  and going around a curve,  
  • when approaching a hillcrest,
  • when approaching and passing by  an emergency situation involving  any authorized emergency vehicle which is parked, stopped or standing on a highway and which is displaying one or more red or combination red, white, and/or blue lights pursuant to VTL§ 375.41(4)(b)(2)
  • when traveling upon any narrow or  winding roadway, and
  • when  any special hazard exists with respect to pedestrians, or other traffic by reason of weather  or highway conditions, including, but not limited to a highway construction or maintenance work area.

A conviction for VTL 1180(e) carries 3 points and maximum fine of $150 plus a $93 or $88 surcharge.

Please remember that speeding in New York is determined by more than the posted speed limit. To avoid all tickets, your speed should always be appropriate and prudent for the driving conditions, no matter the posted limit.

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Driving back from Canada I received a large speeding ticket in NY. I thought this time instead of the PA making a mockery of me and traveling back up to NY I'd enlist the help of an attorney. Azira & Bruffett were the first firm that populated and the only one I needed. His staff was great, very communicative and friendly, David, was very easy to work with. Very knowledgeable and explained everything perfectly to me. I hope i never need another attorney in NY again, but if I do, David Bruffett will be the first I contact.

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I contacted Azria & Bruffett to handle my traffic ticket after an accident in upstate New York. I found them via a random Google search and appreciated the clarity of the information presented on their website and in initial communications. Throughout the entire process they were extremely clear and helpful. My case got a little complicated for random reasons, and they went beyond their initial scope to pursue the case on my behalf. I really appreciate their work.

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I had multiple traffic tickets that included two misdemeanors, speeding, seat belt, expired inspection you name it I had it. Seth was very proficient, effective beyond my expectations, always returned my calls and kept me notified. I know almost nothing related to the law and he was was capable of explaining things in "normal English." I highly recommend him to anyone. On a 5 star scoring system, I rate him as a 10. Thank you Seth.

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I received a speeding ticket doing 80 in a 65 mph zone. I contacted his office, the process was very quick. All contact was by email and very professional. They told you exactly what was going to happen. He got my ticket down to parking on pavement. No points!!! Minimal fine. His fee was very fair, compared to others. I would definitely recommend this firm...

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Seth provided me with everything necessary to reduce my ticket and worked with me through every little detail. He kept me up to date on each exchange that happened between the court and my case. He reduced it to it's lowest amount and charged me very little for doing so and appearing in court on my behalf. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the area. Thanks again Seth.

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