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Plea Bargaining and Fines for Common Reductions

by Seth Azria on 6/19/2018

Plea Bargaining for a Reduction

The overwhelming majority of traffic tickets, that drivers do not plead guilty to, are resolved through plea bargaining. Plea bargaining occurs with the prosecutor whereby the prosecutor makes an offer to the driver to plead guilty to a reduced charge.  The reason the prosecutor makes these offers is to resolve the case. Otherwise the prosecutors would have to have a trial for every ticket. The prosecutor also seeks to serve the interests of justice. The amount of the reduction is a matter for argument. 

For example, a driver is charged with speeding 84 mph in a 65 zone. The prosecutor may offer a plea to a parking violation in satisfaction of the original ticket.

Some clients have mentioned that it is odd to plead to parking violation when they were charged with speeding. However, this is commonplace, as prosecutors have the authority to change any traffic ticket issued by the police to any other or dismiss it entirely.

The prosecutor’s power to alter charges is subject to the judge’s approval. While the judge is prohibited from engaging in plea bargaining, he or she may refuse to accept a deal offered by the prosecutor. This happens more often than we wish it would.

Bargaining and presenting a case to the prosecutor in a way calculated to ensure the largest reduction and then convincing a reluctant judge to accept it, is what we, as your lawyers, are obligated to do for you.  

Common Sections Used for Reductions

a. Reductions to Zero Points

§1200 (d) - Failed to obey a parking sign

§1201(a) - Stopping or standing on pavement

  • for the first conviction in 18 Months - $0 - $150
  • for the second conviction in 18 Months - $0 - $300
  • for the third conviction in 18 Months - $0 - $450
  • Mandatory Surcharge $25

Some prosecutors offer two parking violations in satisfaction of one speeding ticket. Other times, we may ask for two parking violations instead of one point ticket. This allows the judge to impose a larger total fine because both the first and second offense are occurring at the same time. Many are concerned primarily with avoiding points and would rather pay more than take points. We agree.

1202(b)2 - Stopping or standing on pavement

  • for the first conviction in 18 Months - $0 - $400
  • for the second conviction in 18 Months - $0 - $600
  • for the third conviction in 18 Months $0 - $750
  • Mandatory Surcharge - $25

b. Reductions to Two Points

§1110a - Failure to Obey a Traffic Control Device

  • for the first conviction in 18 Months - $0 - $150
  • for the second conviction in 18 Months - $0 - $300
  • for the third conviction in 18 Months - $0 - $450
  • Mandatory Surcharge - $93 for town and village courts, $88 for other courts, e.g. city courts

Failure to obey a traffic control device is by far the most popular section that prosecutors use when they insists on the driver pleading to a charge with points. Section 1102, failed to comply with a lawful order of police/flagperson is also used frequently and has the same fine structure as §1110a.

If you have any questions about the fine or reductions we invite your call.  And please, do not plead guilty, always seek a reduction.






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I have hired Ralph Habib to represent me for a speeding ticket I received in NY. He was able to reduce my points and I only had to pay a minimal court fine. I am very pleased with the result and would definitely recommend Ralph's services for traffic related court matters.

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Seth Azria saved me such heartache when I received a speeding ticket on Thanksgiving day...of all days of the year. 
Seth was able to negotiate a much lesser charge and fine and I am truly thankful!

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Mr. Azria is a thorough professional that explained me the complete process up to the dismissal of my case. Shannon in the office is a true gem. The entire process was handled with complete and clear explanation in each email. Highly recommend them for your traffic issues.

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I was charged with a serious DWI offense, at a very bad time in Central New York considering other high profile DWI cases being publicly followed/broadcast. A friend of mine recommended Ralph, and I knew from the first time we spoke that Ralph was the lawyer I wanted fighting for me and representing me in Court. Even though the cards were stacked against us, Ralph listened to my side of the story and understood that I am not a criminal, but that I had made a poor decision. He assured me from the very beginning that he would work tirelessly to get the best possible outcome, and he answered all of my questions along the way. Due to his past work as an Assistant DA in Onondaga County, Ralph has the knowledge and connections needed in this type of case. This charge could have easily ruined me as a person, as well as the career I have worked so hard towards, but because Ralph believed in me and fought for me (at all hours of the day/night I might add), he was able to get my charges greatly reduced. I was able to keep my driver's license, which essentially saved my career and my future.

I am forever grateful to Ralph for all he has done for me! I will never be able to fully repay him for the effort he put into this case. And to anyone reading this that is in a similar situation to the one I was in, please know I hope your case gets a favorable outcome as well...if you have Ralph Habib standing next to you, there is no doubt in my mind you will be fine!

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