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Pennsylvania Drivers: Impact of New York Traffic Convictions

by Seth Azria on 12/10/2014

The Pennsylvania DMV does not assign points if a moving violation is committed out-of-state. However, if the out-of-state ticket is not taken care of in a timely manner, suspension of the Pennsylvania driver’s license could result. While Pennsylvania does not assign points to a driving record from out of state convictions they do honor suspensions from other states.

Even if you are NOT licensed in New York State, the New York State DMV will fine you if you accumulate 6 points in any 18 month period - these fines are called “driver responsibility assessments (DRA)”. The New York DMV will send you a bill for at least $300.  This DRA, will be assessed in addition to the fine imposed by the court.

It is surprisingly easy to get to 6 points and this extra fine in New York. For example, if you are ticketed for going 86 mph in a 65 mph zone and plead guilty you will face:

  • A fine from the Court between $90-300 plus an $93 surcharge
  • A speeding conviction that may transfer those points to your home state or province (see below)
  • A speeding conviction that may cause your insurance rates to increase
  • Failure to pay a DRA will result in a license suspension

If an out-of-state driver is caught driving in New York State with a suspended privilege, that driver will be charged a misdemeanor crime. The suspension will also likely interfere with your ability to transfer licenses between states.
It is important to handle traffic tickets in New York with the utmost of care - no matter where you are licensed.

We advise against simply mailing in a guilty plea without exploring your opportunity to seek a reduction. Our goal is to minimize the affect of your New York traffic ticket. If you are licensed to drive in Pennsylvania and have received a speeding or other traffic ticket in New York call (315) 364-1155 to speak to an attorney to help you minimize the impact of that ticket in NY and at home.






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speeding Ticket dismissal

I were given a speeding ticket in Otego New York, which the law office of attorney Azria was able to get dismiss. I am from Boston Mass and did not have to travel outside my state to hire attorney azria i was able to paid his fee with my credit card, and did not have to go to court or anything he was able to get everything resolve and they kept me informed at all time in the process can said enough about their services i am very pleased with the overall service, and i will definitely recommend them.

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I was gifted with a 80 in a 55 . Being a CDL I could not afford the points that come with that kind of ticket. Long story short ticket was dismissed . Very happy with the result

As advertized

They took over the case and took care of my ticket, I got a good reduction in points

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Pleased with the outcome. The firm is well worth their (very reasonable) fees.

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Seth Azria was recommended to me by a friend. I can't say enough about how well I was treated, his responsiveness, and how my case was handled. My first call to him was on 12/22/14 and we met the same day. My first and last date in court was 1/15/15. The outcome was better than I ever expected it could be and would recommend him to anyone.

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