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Fines for §1225-c2 - Use of Mobile Phones

by Seth Azria on 6/14/2018

This charge is for actully talking on your phone while driving. 

Warning For Young Drivers

If you are under 18 or on a probationary license, a conviction for this cahrge will cause your license to be suspended for 120 days. If you are convicted again for a cell phone ticket your license will be suspended for 1 year.  

Fines Only (No Possible Jail)

for the first conviction in 18 Months
  • $50 - $200
for the second conviction in 18 Months
  • $50 - $250. ($600 DRA)**
for the third conviction in 18 Months
  • $50 - $450. License Suspension*

*Three cell phone convictions within 18 months would total 15 points and the DMV will suspened a licesne at 11 points.  

** A second conviction would mean 10 points. Accumulating 6 points or more in any 18 month period will cause a Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA), from the New York DMV, in the amount listed. This assessment will be due in addition to the court fine and applies to all drivers regardless of where they are licensed to drive. 

Mandatory Surcharge

  • $93 for town and village courts
  • $88 for other courts, e.g. city courts

Points for Mobile Phone Use

  • 5 Points


Points for this infraction have increased in recent years from 2 in 2011, to 3 later in 2011, then to 5 in 2013. So if you have an older ticket the points may be less than 5.

This escalation in points also shows that the legislature is taking the violations more seriously and some district attorneys are likewise doing so by refusing to plea bargain on cell phone tickets. This forces drivers to either have a trial or just plead guilty.






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I recommend them 100%! Two weeks prior to moving to NYC I had a speeding ticket in the town of LaFatette but thanks to Mr. Habib it was reduced to something minor and no points were taken from my license. I never had to appear in court, everything was done of my behalf.

Take it from a Fellow Attorney, Seth Azria is wonderful and gets the job done.

I am an attorney working in the lower Hudson Valley. I had an unfortunate brush with the law on my birthday of all days! which resulted in my receipt of a speeding ticket en-route to a wedding in Buffalo. I'd never had any other infractions on my record and this offense is certainly not an area in which I specialize. I was very upset and worried but immediately upon calling Mr. Azria all of my fears and concerns melted away. Mr. Azria was able to plead my ticket down to a minor violation with no points and a small fee to the Court. Mr. Azria was quick, efficient and responsive. I never had a moment of worry that my case was being neglected. Mr. Azria and his team answered any questions that I had and kept me informed throughout the process. I could not have asked for a better team in my corner and you can't beat the price. You would have thought that I spent a small fortune for the quality of service that I received. Take it from me, Mr. Azria is the attorney you want representing you.

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Very professional team to work with.


Ralph has handled various tickets and violations for me. Every time he gets right to the point and has a precise plan of attack to make sure you get the best possible outcome in your situation. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer. He handles everything with precision and swiftness. The only lawyer I trust.

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