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Fines for §1180(b) and §1180(d) - Most Common Speeding Charges

by Seth Azria on 6/14/2018

1180(b) and 1180(d), are the two most common types of speeding tickets. Section 1180(b) is for exceeding the state speed limit and (d) is for exceeding the posted limit. The consequences for a conviction for either are:

Fines and Possible Jail

for the first conviction in 18 Months
  • $45 - $150 - For 10 mph over the limit or less. No possible jail.
  • $90 - $300 - For 11-30 mph over the limit, Up to 15 days in jail. 
  • $180 - $300 - For 31 mph or more over the limit. Up to 30 days in jail.
for the second conviction in 18 Months
  • $45 - $300 - For 10 mph over the limit or less. No possible jail.
  • $90 - $450 - For 11-30 mph over the limit. Up to 30 days in jail. 
  • $180 - $750 - For 31 mph or more over the limit. Up to 30 days in jail.
for the third conviction in 18 Months
  • $45 - $525 - For 10 mph over the limit or less. No possible jail. License Suspension.*
  • $90 - $675 - For 11-30 mph over the limit. Up to 30 days in jail. License Suspension.*
  • $180 - $975 - For 31 mph or more over the limit. Up to 30 days in jail. License Suspension.*

*For three speeding convictions of any type within 18 months, the DMV will suspensded a driving priviledge for 6 months.

*For CDL drivers, one conviction for speeding, 15 mph over the limit or more, will cause a 60-day license suspension and after a second conviction within 3 years, a 120-day suspension.

Mandatory Surcharge

  • $93 for town and village courts
  • $88 for other courts, e.g. city courts

Points for Speeding Convictions

  • 1-10 over the posted limit - 3 pts
  • 11-20 over the posted limit - 4 pts
  • 21-30 over the posted limit - 6 pts** ($300 DRA)
  • 31-40 over the posted limit - 8 pts** ($450 DRA)
  • over 40 over the posted limit - 11 pts** ($675 DRA and license suspension)

**A conviction for 6 points or more in any 18 month period will cause a Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA), from the New York DM in the amount listed. This assessment will be due in addition to the court fine and applies all drivers regardless of where they are licensed to drive. 

**New York state suspends driving license of driver who accumulates 11 points or more in any 18 month period. Therefore, one conviction for speeding 41 mph over the limit, or more, will cause a suspension all by itself. 

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I am forever grateful to Ralph for all he has done for me! I will never be able to fully repay him for the effort he put into this case. And to anyone reading this that is in a similar situation to the one I was in, please know I hope your case gets a favorable outcome as well...if you have Ralph Habib standing next to you, there is no doubt in my mind you will be fine!

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I received a speeding ticket in upstate New York (30 mph above speed limit) - this was a 6 point hike on my insurance + fines up to $385. I hired Seth over the phone (I live out-of-state), paid my fees, and crossed my fingers. Wow. My case was resolved in around a month to 0 points and a fine of $135. 100% of my communication after our initial call was over e-mail.

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I called Mr. Azria due to a speeding ticket in another county. He gave me a price quote upfront and within a few days had gotten my 4 point offense reduced to a non-moving violation. All in all I only had to email him the ticket information and pay him a very reasonable fee(which I was able to do online). He did the rest, very convenient. He was very quick to respond to me and readily available if needed. Mr Azria also contacted me with updates via both email and regular mail. I am very satisfied with his services and will use him if needed in the future.

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