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Driver License Compact: New York and Most States Share Traffic Ticket Information

by Seth Azria on 4/30/2014
Driver License Compact

New York State has entered in a Driver License Compact with several other states to:

  1. Promote compliance with the laws, ordinances, and administrative rules and regulations relating to the operation of motor vehicles by their operators in each of the jurisdictions where such operators drive motor vehicles.
  2. Make the reciprocal recognition of licenses to drive and eligibility therefor more just and equitable by considering the overall compliance with motor vehicle laws, ordinances and administrative rules and regulations as a condition precedent to the continuance or issuance of any license by reason of which the licensee is authorized or permitted to operate a motor vehicle in any of the party states.
Effect of a Traffic Conviction
  • If a person licensed to drive by one of the Compact states is convicted of a traffic infraction in New York, New York will report it to the driver’s home state.
  • If the conviction is a DWI/DUI, manslaughter or negligent homicide, a felony using a motor vehicle, or a failure to stop and render aid resulting in the death or personal injury of another, the driver’s home state will treat that conviction as if it happened in the home state and suspend or revoke a driving privilege accordingly. 
  • If a driver applies for a new license in a compact state, that state will check with all other Driver License Compact states and if that driver's license has been suspended or revoked in another state, that state may deny issuing the new license.  

For example, if New Jersey suspend your license New York would not issue a driving license until that suspension is cleared up.  We recently represented a driver in Maryland to clear up a suspension in NY to allow her to renew in Maryland. 

The Driver License Compact States are: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado,Connecticut, Delaware, D.C., Florida , Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota , Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming.







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They took over the case and took care of my ticket, I got a good reduction in points

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I had received a speeding ticket a few months ago that would have been 5 points 20 MPH over the speed limit. I had not had a speeding ticket in a very long time and I was hesitant when looking for a lawyer but I saw good reviews about Seth Azria and decided to email him with my information. I received a response within a few hours and his charges were much lower than I was expecting to pay from what I had paid in the past. His staff was very friendly and I was kept well informed as to what was going on. He was able to get it reduced to no points and a very small fine. I was very happy with the results and would recommend him to anyone looking for help with speeding ticket.

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As a a 60 year old physician I am semi-retired and my wife and I travel the country to do work in my specialty at places that are shorthanded. Since I only work about 1/3 of the year we have time to drive to these places. Recently I was stopped on a highway in NY. I haven't had a speeding ticket since I was in my twenties. The officer said I was doing 81 in a 65 MPH zone (my reading 76 while trying to pass a slow moving vehicle with a line of cars behind me trying to get by me as well). I read the reviews and chose Attorney Azria.

The office staff was pleasant and efficient, and put me right through to Attorney Azria. He explained the process with perfect clarity and went to work. Although he explained the process could take 4-6 weeks he resolved the issue in 10 days, reducing the violation to a non-moving violation with a small fee and no points. His price was more than fair.

I've been lucky enough as a physician to have never been sued but doctors by nature do not have an affinity for lawyers. However, if you find yourself in need of one, it is hard to imagine someone better at their job than Attorney Azria. Thank you sir. If I could give you 6 stars out of 5 I would.

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