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Demerit Points for Canadian Drivers Convicted of New York Traffic Tickets

by Seth Azria on 2/10/2013

Ontario and Québec keep track of Canadian driving violations with a demerit system similar to New York State's point system.  Under a special agreement, Ontario and Québec share information with New York State about traffic violations and transfer points and demerits between countries. For example, an Ontario driver convicted of a speeding ticket in New York State will be assessed demerit points as if the conviction had occurred in Ontario. 

Ontario demerits for speeding violations:

  • 6 demerits for exceeding the speed limit  50 Km/h (roughly 31 MPH)
  • 4 demerits for exceeding the speed limit  30-49 Km/h (roughly 19-31 MPH)
  • 3 demerits for exceeding the speed limit  16-29 Km/h (roughly 10-19 MPH)

Other violations may include failure to obey a stop sign, failure to obey a traffic light, failure to stop for a school bus, failure to remain or return to the scene of a collision.   

Rather than plead guilty to your New York State state ticket, contact us to defend you and protect your Canadian license from demerits.  

For more information on Canadian demerits see:

The cooperation agreement includes points for New York drivers ticketed in Ontario and Québec. ​






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